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Alternative Therapeutic Home Care

Our Gallery

Let your loved ones get the care and attention they deserve with help from Alternative Therapeutic Home Care. Our team is very flexible and diligent. We make sure to always provide assistance based on their individual needs.

Take a peek at our gallery below to see what awaits you when you take advantage of our in-home care services.

I have known Betty for almost 30 years. She cleaned our offices for almost 20 years but more than that became a trusted friend and ally. She was always there to do whatever we needed or did things for us that we didn’t even realize that we DID need! She left us only because she moved back to Michigan to take care of her sister. Fortunately for me on a personal level, Betty returned to this area in 2014. She started to work for my father who was alone after my mother passed away. He was resistant at first but she quickly won him over with her friendly style – they could talk about the history of area as well as current events. He loved it. When we moved Dad to a house closer to where I live, she came with us. 

After an unfortunate fall, Dad had to have a feeding tube implanted for a few months. And then Edward entered our lives. Edward applied for a position where he soon became the main tube feeder when Betty was not working. It quickly became apparent that Dad and he formed a strong bond. We were able to get the feeding tube removed a few months later – at that point Edward became a primary care-giver for Dad on the weekends, again when Betty was not working. Dad’s house was always immaculate, and Dad thoroughly enjoyed every meal Betty prepared! Sadly we lost Dad in late January. However I have stayed in touch with Betty and Edward and will continue to do so indefinitely. Each of them is kind, gentle, extremely professional, and trustworthy without a doubt. Anybody will benefit from knowing and/or employing them.

Sincerely, Carla Lindemann.

Mr. Edward Brown is a true professional in handling a range of patient cases, including extremely difficult patients to assist and support with dementia and other diagnoses. He is a great combination of knowledge, personal attention to the patient and family members, genuine care, and professional demeanor/dependability. Mr. Brown handled a very difficult case/family member for several years, and multiple days per week, which informed my recommendation for him and his work.

Nancy G

Thank you!

You and your Team are a daily Blessing to me and to David. Thank you for always giving so much of your self; and doing so much for us!

Rhonda Byrd

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